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Experience the difference with crafted

Tired of going to the grocery store to get your regular beer? Come into Salem Village market and allow us to show you just how much better beer can be. We have a number of imported choices as well as your down-home domestic beers.

Stock up on your favorites

Coming from out of town? Make the trip even more worthwhile by stocking up on your favorite beers and all of those new brews that you have wanted to try. With the lack of taxes, you can spend your money where it counts.

Have your own Oktoberfest

Why go all the way to Germany for Oktoberfest, when you can try all the tasty beer that you could like right here? Salem Village Market has dozens of beer choices, which can make it difficult to buy just one. Make it a competition to try them all with some of your closest friends!

What makes us beer buying heaven?

The option to purchase any beer that you can think of is already appealing. Salem Village Market takes it a step further by allowing you to brew your own beer. What more can a beer lover ask for?

We have at home brewing kits!

What sounds better than being able to craft your personal beer? We have at home brewing kits, so that you can make the beer of your individual choice. Customize your own personal flavor and share it with your friends and family.

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