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Union Square Smoke Shop – Your one stop for Tobacco, Lottery and Convenience Needs

Stash up your favorite cigarettes

Cooling down for the day or just winding down during a break often involves having an enjoyable cigarette. If you want to make sure that you never run out of your favorites, stock up on cigarettes at Union Square Smoke Shop. We have just what you want when it comes to cigarette brands and smoking choices.

Fill up your pipe

Don’t be caught without your loose tobacco for your pipe! Select your pipe tobacco at Union Square Smoke Shop. Whether you are looking for a certain concentration or a particular brand, choose the tobacco that works to keep your pipe smoking.

Relish in your chewing tobacco

Chewing and dipping tobacco is an American past time that has been handed down for generations. Be a part of the legacy and get your chewing tobacco from Union Square Smoke Shop.

Enjoy our tobacco brands

Tin Star


Swisher Sweet








Garcia Vega

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