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Union Square Smoke Shop – Your one stop for Tobacco, Lottery and Convenience Needs

Light up your night with an e cigarette

You’ve come to the right place for convenient, battery-operated vaping devices. At Union Square Smoke Shop we carry an extensive line of electronic cigarettes and vaporizes for your vaping enjoyment. Keep your e-cigarettes and vaporizes functioning at top level with a well-stocked collection of accessories.

Choose your own flavor

With e cigarettes take all the control by selection your own cigarette flavor. Besides the nicotine level, you can select your favorite taste, including strawberry, grape, chocolate and more.

Buy a starter kit

Tired of the same ole, and want to toss your cigarettes out for a new e cigarette lifestyle instead? The best way to get started is to buy a starter kit. The starter kit will come with the e cigarette itself, the charger, and some flavors to get you started. Then build upon this selection with exactly what you want.

Our e cigarettes include:



EZ Cig

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