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Union Square Smoke Shop – Your one stop for Tobacco, Lottery and Convenience Needs

Cigar smokers delight

If it is cigars that you are interested in, you will find all that you need at Union Square Smoke Shop. We offer cigars that are imported as well as those that are made right in neighboring states. No matter if you have a special brand that you love, or if you want to try some of everything, come and try the cigar selection at Union Square Smoke Shop.

Cigars around the world

All around the world, cigar smokers enjoy particular native flavors and spices in their beautifully rolled cigars. Check out our selection of imported cigars and down home smokes, too. We have a number of different countries and continents to enjoy a rolled piece from. Give a brand new cigar a try from Union Square Smoke Shop.

Buy gift sets

Have a favorite uncle or a friend who loves smoking cigars? Our store is the perfect place to purchase a gift set of cigars for the tobacco and pipe lover in your life. We have sets that come in velvet boxes that will appeal to their site, smell, and taste.

Want assured quality?

A good cigar is worth its weight on gold. If you are interested in a quality cigar that will keep you coming back for more, try the selection at Union Square Smoke Shop.

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