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Lighten up the mood with a torch lighter

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Get a light!

“Got a light?” is the most famous line heard from any cigarette smoker. Keeping a lighter on you, smoker or not, is an important thing to remember. Get a torch lighter from Salem Village Market will keep a heavy duty lighter with you for whatever purpose may present itself.

Fuel replacement for lighters available

Fuel replacement for lighters available
Ever have that one really special lighter that you just did not want to let go of? Come into Salem Village Market to get a fuel replacement for your lighter instead! Don’t throw that lighter away, just get it refilled so that it can last and last.

Kick it up with butane

If you are serious about keeping your lighter in affect, you can up the ante with butane. We sell the gasoline that you need at Salem Village Market to jump start all of your products that need lighting.

Light up your world

The torch lighter brands that we carry are:



Rocky Patel

Buy all of your smoking accessories here

Consider coming to Salem Village Market for all the accessories you need for your smoking habit. We sell wine, beer, cigarettes, and more so that you can get all of your like products in one, fast, easy superstore!

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