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Like our wines, we get better with time

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We have developed excellent tastes

Tough starting out small, Salem Village Market has increased the offerings that we have for you, and with it, we have increased the quality of wines. Whether you are looking for a wine to go with dinner, or if you are looking for a champagne toast, let us give you what you need.

Let us help you choose a red

There is nothing better to enjoy any day of the year, than a good sweet red. If you are new to wine selections, let us take you on a tour of the red wines that we offer. Whether you are looking for a port wine with dessert, or if you want a wine with dinner, we have numerous selections for you.

Don’t forget the white

Though white clothing may be out after Labor Day, white wine is excellent any time of the year. If you would rather have a wine of the fairer persuasion, we have a number of selections of white wines of many ages and tastes.

Wine decisions too much?

See so many wines at Salem Village Market that you can’t choose? Allow our sales associates to use their experience to match you up with the perfect bottle of wine. You will be thankful you did.

Get an extra bottle with the savings

The only think better than opening up a bottle of wine, is opening up the spare, once that bottle is done. With the tax-free savings, choose another bottle of wine or two to keep for a special occasion.

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